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Message from the President

In 1893 a group of Thorold businessmen incorporated the Thorold Board of Trade with the Federal Government. This group of twelve men felt a need in the community for business to have a voice, a strong voice that will advocate making Thorold the place to live and do business.

Whether it was commenting on where the Canadian Northern Railway extends itself though Thorold, encourage a local writer to start the Thorold Gazette, impress upon the Seaway the importance of building a new canal or fighting for lower business taxes, this group of men established a business organization that would continue on until 2006. Numerous businessmen have stepped up to serve as Board Chair and board members over the past 113 years. Men such as Oliver Steadman who served as a board member, Edward Henderson who served as Vice Chair and not to mention, James Miller, merchant and tailor who in 1897 served also on the Board. These men took the job seriously when they established the Thorold Board of Trade. They knew the importance of what a Board of Trade stood for and the credibility an organization such as this one had at all levels of government. This Charter these men worked so hard for was given up to St. Catharines in 2006.

In 2012, a group of Thorold business people established the Thorold (COC) Committee of Concern to work together with the business community, to start from square one, where we were in 1893, to re-establish the Thorold Chamber of Commerce and request our Charter back from the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce.

In less than a year the Greater Thorold Business Council (formally known as the Thorold COC) is gaining momentum in the community. We are no different than those men in 1893 that focused to improve trade and commerce within our city. And although we have not received our charter back we are acting and operating like a Chamber of Commerce – committed to bring our members all the benefits that a COC offers.

I applaud your business for joining our organization and I encourage you to tell other businesses in Thorold the value of becoming a member.

I encourage you to join us at a monthly general membership meeting or monthly Business after 5. It is great to see so many former members of the Thorold Chamber of Commerce that have joined us for such great networking opportunities and we look forward to meeting our new members.

Our business organization can only grow and we look forward to a fantastic year of growth and learning opportunities. Joining the Greater Thorold Business Council is a step in the right direction, a step your business will benefit from in many years to come.

– Terry Dow

Host a Business After Five

There are many benefits to hosting a Business After Five at your establishment

  1. Business After 5 events are considered one of  the best networking opportunities.
  2. Draw members and potential new customers to  your business.
  3. A BA5 is a prime opportunity to promote your  business to a captive audience while displaying firsthand the quality of your product, services and facility.
  4. Your BA5 will be added to our monthly newsletter,  highlighting your business and your upcoming event.
  5. Our Photographer will be there to take photo’s of your establishment and your event.  These will be posted on our website and Facebook page with the link sent our to our entire membership base.

Thinking about hosting your very own Business After Five?

We want to ensure that your event is a great one. As such we have put together a checklist to assist you.

Business After Five runs once a month from 5pm to 7pm

We (GTBC Staff) will design and send out the RRSP Invitation to our member base on your behalf and keep you posted on the number of expected attendees.

We (GTBC Staff) will arrive between 4:30 and 4:45 to set up a table to greet and register your guests as they arrive and will have nametags available for all of your guests as well as collect all attendees business cards for your use following the event.  You may wish to add their contact information to your data base and/or send thank you cards to those attendees with a possible invitation to purchase or attend something you wish to promote in the future.   We will draw business cards for door prises at the end of the introductions and speakers.  Any host or member can bring a door prise to these events which will further promote your business.  No obligation but good hook.

Have a few words prepared. This is your chance to showcase who you are and what you do. Take advantage of the opportunity. Feel free to hand out information, or provide tours of your facility.   If you know someone who would be a good fit to become a member with the Greater Thorold Business Council, please invite them as your guest and let us know who they are and what they do so that we can acknowledge them.

As the host it is your responsibility to provide some type of refreshment and snack. It can be as simple as cake and coffee, appetizers and punch, or wine and cheese. It is up to you, as you decide to serve. Hosts wishing to offer alcoholic beverages and are not licensed should apply for a Special Occasion Permit 2 -3 weeks in advance, as the application normally require 10 days to process.

We are currently booking for 2016!

We encourage you to contact our office at #(905) 328-4376 or via email should you have any questions.  As the date of your Business After Five approaches, GTBC Staff will contact you.

Denise Rowe Guerette

Terry Dow



A Yellow Flower Basket

October 2013 Business After 5



Feature Business

Hope And Harder Insurance

Phone: 905 227 6631
Fax: 905 227 8177
Address: 45 Ormond St. N
Thorold ON
L2V 1Y9


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