Allanbee Honey Co. / Shawn MacIntosh / Apiarist / Artisan
Shawn MacIntosh is a beekeeper here in Allanburg with beehives across the area. He started studying and getting into beekeeping 5 years ago with 2 hives and now have 19 with plans to reach 30 hives in 2017.
Their main product is local RAW wildflower honey that most return customers rave about how good it tastes. They also have beeswax products including different flavoured lip balm as well as skin lotion.
Follow them on Facebook at Allanbee Honey Co. to see updates, new products or just how things are going with the bees.
New products being developed for 2017 include pollen as well as an informal introduction to bees out at their beehives.

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Allanbee Honey Co.

1491 Barron Rd

Thorold, On  L0S 1A0 


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Business Contact: Shawn MacIntosh