Rick Smith, Owner of SmallBizAssist has years of experience in sales, retail and wholesale management and understands what it takes to run a small or medium sized business. Sometimes things just fall between the cracks, like looking after electronic payment processing (credit card processing). He opened a temporary store, was told there would be no cancellation fees when he closed it then received a bill for over $4000 in cancellation fees when it did close as scheduled. After almost a year of back and forth with the processing company they finally backed off, but what business person has the time or patience for such a fight?

Rick has made it his mission to educate and help business through the complicated and expensive mine field of credit and debit card processing. He has helped many business owners find a plan that works for their business and get out of plans that do not. He has recovered and saved his clients thousands in over payments and noncompetitive fees.

For more information about SmallBizAssist please visit http://www.smallbizassist.ca/

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